Social Justice

 “Christian love leads to denunciation, proposals and commitment to cultural and social projects; it prompts positive activity that inspires all who sincerely have the good of humanity at heart to make their contribution.” – No. 6 Compendium of Catholic Social Teaching 

Standing in Solidarity with All


MA Bishops’ Statement on Poverty

The Work of God in Human Hands: The following are excerpts from a pastoral letter issued by the 4 bishops of the state of Massachusetts, in February 2011. It both acknowledges the seriousness of our current economic situation, and is at the same time, a call to action. “We see … that the consequences of the recession have destabilized the provision of essential services, especially for the poor. We realize the unyielding pressures facing public officials. Thus we recognize the responsibility we have as Church to stretch our resources to the limit as we collaborate with others on behalf of the most vulnerable in our midst. Pope Benedict XVI , addressing the whole Church in his letter God is Love (2005), stressed that the work of charity is an imperative, not an optional choice for us… Love of neighbor, grounded in the love of God, is first and foremost a responsibility for each individual member of the faithful, but it is also a responsibility for the entire ecclesial community at every level…”

The Bishops pledge: “We will do all we can as Bishops to enable our Catholic institutions to continue to do their best in extending help to our neighbors in need…”

Their plea: “in the decisions facing our elected officials, and in the discussions and actions of all citizens, there be preserved, for the sake of human dignity, a special place and regard for the vulnerable, those forced to choose between heat and food, and between shelter and clothing – those for whom the destination of every dollar is now so consequential.”

“Our present economic crisis is now three years old and does not promise easy or rapid resolution. … We pledge our Church to this project of recovery and renewal; it is the work of God in human hands.”

The full text of this letter can be found on our website.